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Kicking Kimchi

The funkiest fermented kimchi in town!


About B.P.M

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Kicking Kimchi - Addictively Tasty and Authentic Kimchi
Gourmet Kicking Kimchi - packed with funk, heat and umami

I’m a flavour fanatic, always in pursuit of the oh-so-moreish deliciousness that makes my world go round. After dozens of experiments over 2 years, I’ve refined the recipe for Kicking Kimchi to hit the sweet spot where funk, heat and umami meet.

Gut friendly kimchi, full of lactic acid probiotic bacteria

Kimchi is a traditional fermented food. As fermentation occurs lactic acid is produced which reduces the P.H of the kimchi, allowing good gut bacteria to flourish and Kicking Kimchi’s signature funky taste to develop. Win win!

Good nutrition, good business

I believe that good nutrition should be for all and that great companies help drive positive change in the world. With every jar sold I donate to Food Cycle who use surplus food to provide nutritious meals for those in need.

The B.P.M Sweetspot

That right there is the B.P.M Sweetspot. The reason I make kimchi and the reason I get up in the morning. 

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I couldn’t believe that a non-Korean could create such an authentic taste! I was having a major Kimchi craving and didn’t have time to go all the way to the Korean Market, so gave Kicking Kimchi a try.. and so glad that I did. Delicious!

Jane Rhyu

As a huge Korean food lover, I can attest that BPM Kimchi is one of the most delicious I've tried in years. It really is addictive. I am already on my third jar since I started a couple of weeks ago

Marco Valle Goffin

Tried BPM kimchi for the first time in December and am already on my fifth jar - it has a great punch and is deliciously addictive on toast. Best kimchi I’ve tried in London!

Felicity Gourlay


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