Kimchi FAQs

Kimchi eh? What's that then?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented cabbage and other vegetables with chilli, garlic, ginger and more.

Sounds odd. Why should I try it?

Put simply it's addictively delicious and due to its fermentation, also full of probiotics and good gut bacteria. With every kimchi I make I'm aiming for the B.P.M Sweetspot - the magical moreishness that happens where funk, chilli and umami meet.

Why do you keep banging on about umami?

Ah umami! Umami is the (relatively) recently discovered fifth taste. Technically it's the taste that foods which are high in glutamates and nucleotides share. In real life, it's easiest to list examples of foods high in umami to give an idea of what it is. So, parmesan, porcini mushrooms, fish sauce, tomatoes, soy sauce, miso are all 'high umami' foods, meaning they contain lots of glutamate. Essentially it's a deeply satisfying, tongue coating savouriness - a VERY good thing!

Is your kimchi vegan or gluten free?

As with most traditional kimchi, Kicking Kimchi contains fish sauce and soy sauce, so it's not vegan or gluten free. Keep an eye out for my vegan kimchi in future!

How do I store my kimchi?

Store your kimchi in the fridge, and loosen the lid every so often to allow it to breathe as it will continue to ferment.

How long after opening should I finish it?

After opening, finish your kimchi within 14 days. I'm confident that there will be no problem on this front.

How do I eat kimchi?

Kicking Kimchi is delicious on its own, but also great in a cheese toastie, in fried rice, omelettes, pancakes and more.

What do I do with all the sauce left?

For god's sake, whatever you do, don't throw this away - it's liquid gold. Add it to a little mayonnaise to make a dipping sauce for cooked veggies, to cheese toasties for a rich spicy treat, to tomato soup or a pasta sauce for an extra hit of spice and umami (just don't tell your Italian friends).

I want to stock Kicking Kimchi. How do I get in touch?

If you like the look of Kicking Kimchi, and want to hear more, or ask questions about the product, drop me an email -